Ealees Road Littleborough

Property Littleborough 18 Ealees Road ( From June 2020 )

House For Sale 18 Ealees Road Littleborough OL15 0HQ - A character 3 bedroom cottage set over 3 floors Canal-Side Views

  • Ideal holiday Let / Air B&B
  • Direct M62 access & Train station
  • Immediate access of local facilities
  • Popular tourist location
  • Historical Places Nearby
  • Lovely Cottage Garden
  • A peaceful Setting By The Tow Path
  • Character And Over Three Floors
  • Stunning Canal Side Home
  • Beautiful Countryside

Property Littleborough 18 Ealees Road : Canal Setting

Just up from the Lock-keepers cottage 18 Ealees Road is ajoining bridge 49 on the Rochdale canal in Littleborough. This page shows some of the canal views around the property.

Canal Side Property Littleborough 18 Ealees Road : Views

The property has a small cottage garden opening onto the canal towpath. The view is wonderful from the balcony which set a few feet above the tow path. The location offers an idyllic and tranquil setting whilst every day 'hustle and bustle' can be reached within a short walk. Local services are immediately accessible and include a Train station with direct links to Manchester and Leeds whilst glorious local scenery and open countryside is on the doorstep. This delightful home offers versatility in terms of both layout and daily use; a stunning daily home or an ideal holiday let which benefits from both a highly commutable location and a sought after tourist destination.

Canal at Ealees Littleborough

18 Ealees Road , just a few metres up from Lock 48 on the canal in Littleborough. a short walk through the picturesque Ealees Valley leads you out on to the Hollingworth Lake visitors centre.

Walking and Hiking , There are a number of countryside walks right on the doorstep, So most weekend's you will most likley see quite a few people walking along the canalside and also up and down ealees road who are visiting the area.

Narrowboats , During the summer months there are also many canal boats passing up and down the canal and these often moor for the evening on the canal just a little down from the house. (there are no mooring points directly opposite the house as it is too near the bridge)

Location , Just a 5 minuite walk ( if that ) down the canal tow path approx 300 metres according to google earth, you will be at the train station. Trains head East to Leeds and West to Manchester. The Manchester train takes around 20 minuites

Travel eastbound you can drop off at other local villages The first being Todmorden and a little further on is Hebden Bridge.

Bridge 49 , View from under the bridge looking down towards the lock. By far the biggest selling point of 18 ealees road is its aspect being situated next to the canal at the side of the bridge it seems fitting that exterior views are shown of the property.

South Facing : The rear of the property is south facing so gets the best of the sunlight for the majority of the day because of this a large balcony and patio doors open out overlooking the canal from the living room. The sunset lights up the hills opposite so the early evening views on a sunnny day are very easy on the eye.

Bridge 49 and Oak Tree : Below are 2 more pictures of the canal at the side of the property one shows Bridge 49 and the other is the large oak tree that is on the bank of the canal opposite 18 Ealees Road.

Wildlife : being on the side of the canal and at the edge of the countryside means there is quite a bit of wildlife around , the most common being Bats, Ducks, Squirrels, Geese in that order you will also see Herons and the fields opposite have Llamas in them now and again you see a wild deer and foxes but since the Llamas have moved in the deer are not as common. You see people fishing quite often along the canal bank ( often with little sucess ) maybe because this stretch is between to locks both very close to each other.

Views of Bridge 49 which ajoins 18 Ealees Road
Canal at Ealees Littleborough
Rochdale Canal Ealees
View Towards Bridge 49 Ealees Littleborough
Lock 48 Ealees Canal Littleborough   View From Bridge 49 Ealees Littleborough

Left : View From Lock 48 Towards 18 Ealees Road

Centre : View From Lock 48 Towaeds 18 Ealees Road

Right : View off Bridge 49 Looking Towards Lock 48

View From Bridge 49 Ealees Canal Littleborough
View From Lock 48 Littleborough Canal   View From Canal Banlk Outside 18 Ealees Road

Left : View From Bridge 49 Towards Lock 50

Centre : View From Lock 48 Towaeds 18 Ealees Road

Right : View of Canal bank ajoiining 18 Ealees Road

Lock 48 Ealees Canal
littleborough canal   18 Ealees Road

Left : View Towards Lock 48

Centre : View From Opposite side of the Canal Looking towards 18 Ealees Road

Right : View of 18 Ealees Road from Opposite side of the Canal

;   Google Maps : View of the front of 18 Ealees Road